Why Does My Broken Tooth Need a Crown?

March 6, 2020

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Model of a broken tooth needing a dental crown on Hulen.You probably never expect a broken tooth to interrupt your day, but it happens more often than you might realize. Whether a weakened tooth finally broke or you experienced a blow to the face, you need to see your dentist right away, even if you aren’t having any pain. Your dentist will treat your tooth and save it using an appropriate solution, like a dental crown on Hulen. Your dentist will restore its function and appearance using an all-ceramic restoration.

Why Do I Need to Treat a Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth is more than just an aesthetic issue. Even if the break is minor, it compromises the health and integrity of your tooth. You will likely experience a more significant break that may result in your tooth needing to be removed. Now, you’ll have to deal with a new list of concerns caused by tooth loss.

An incomplete smile isn’t the only concern of leaving a fractured tooth untreated. Bacteria can get trapped in even the smallest of cracks, making your nerve (pulp) vulnerable to infection, which can lead to a severe toothache. Often, a root canal is recommended to stop the infection. If you wait too long to have your tooth treated, the bacteria will begin to infect other areas, like your blood or bone, leading to serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

Will I Need a Crown to Fix My Broken Tooth?

Although crowns are common, not every broken tooth requires one. Your dentist on Hulen will perform an extensive examination to create the personalized treatment plan you need to restore the health and function of a tooth. Depending on your individual needs, they may recommend:

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding uses a composite resin material to improve the size, shape, and overall look of a tooth. While it’s often used in cosmetic dentistry, it also offers restorative benefits. It can be used to treat superficial chips, breaks, or fractures.

Dental Crown

Significant breaks often require a dental crown. The protective cap covers the entire visible portion of the tooth above the gum line. Your tooth will be reshaped before an all-ceramic crown is bonded over it.


In some cases, your dentist may not be able to save your tooth from an extraction. If you need to have your tooth removed, your dentist will explain your replacement options, like a fixed bridge or dental implant.

Save Your Broken Tooth

An unexpected trip to your dentist can be an inconvenience but make the time to see your dentist immediately to save your broken tooth. While you wait for your appointment, keep your tooth clean and avoid chewing with it. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever or cold compresses to manage any discomfort. Your dentist will provide the relief you need to restore your smile.

About Dr. Renee Corbitt

Dr. Renee Corbitt treats patients of all ages, creating generations of healthy, beautiful smiles. Besides general dentistry, she also offers emergency services. If you have a broken tooth, don’t wait to contact our office.

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